Thursday, September 29, 2016

It still feels like summer

The last few weeks certainly felt like summer. 
It felt like July, not September!
But there were signs of fall like giant colorful mums.
I didn't get them cut back this year so they are separating like sheep's wool.
I found this nature scene of survival happening on one of the mums....

I'm really sick of picking raspberries.
They have done so well this year despite the Japanese beetle invasion.

One of our local guilds had a guest speaker, Marilyn Bujalski who does quilts from cross stitch patterns.  Her work was amazing and so fun to inspect up close.  This peacock was made in a rectangletter shape and after quilting cut into an oval!

The deer scene has swarovski crystals in spots to make the snow glitter and tulle to give areas of snow a taped down look.  And it is HUGE!

This was amazingly large too.
She said she keeps them rolled up and stored in a closet.

She explained her technique.
She made this in 9 days.
(She doesn't work 8 - 5 like me)

The blanket around this woman is a piece of fleece.
She wrapped it around herself and then crawled out carefully so it kept it's shape and then sewed it down.

Here is a back example. 
She make 10" blocks that are 5" when done so 50% loss.
Ugh!  But I was inspired.

My cycling shoes are falling apart so I gave them a makeover.
I spray painted them gold and painted black accents.

I joined a friend on the MS 150 ride to ride the first section with her.
Red skies at morning.......

It was a beautiful morning.
But storm clouds were building.  
The spire of clouds that rose quickly made me uneasy.
It did end up raining, I mean, pouring on me as I rode home.
Oh well. I didn't melt.

I also finished block 1 of the raven block of the month quilt I am doing.
My first time to participate in a block of the month!
And my first all out applique quilt.

Now onto block 2. 
All turned and ready to make bias strip and finish the berries.
Hoping to get it done before block 3 comes out.
Thankfully with the rain we had during the ride the summertime humidity was driven away and we now have wonderful fall weather.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Allergy season is here

I am suffering this year. 
All the rain we have had must have created monster ragweed plants. I never feel this bad in the fall.  I'm hoping the allergy shot and the new steroid spray do their thing. Quickly.  
So, when I'm not lying down with a throbbing headache I'm trying to get stuff done.
I spent part of yesterday screwing around with the damn computer trying to print my pattern layout pieces at 400%. 
(I HATE getting on the computer at home since I sit in front of one all week at work)
With the advice of my son we finally figured it out and agreed, I need a new computer.

I'm looking forward to using my new toy.  A starch brush!!

Yep.  I just drop my quilts on the floor when they are in the works. The floor is clean. 
It's funny when it's done everyone is so careful with it and when displaying it they dont want it to touch the floor.  
My quilts are very familiar with the floor. (I know they just dont want it to get dirty but it is still humorous to me.)

I need a bigger room.
Actually a couple of rooms.
Here is my teeny sewing table.

Here is my work bench.
It is meant for my stained glass.

Here is my grinder and saw station.
Hard to see under the piles of everything else.

My cutting table which is in front of my glass.  My wool is crammed up above the glass.
I need more space!

I'm happy I found an aspen leaf that is just the right size for the corners of the quilt. Those were a quick applique project.

Ta-da!  Ready for basting, quilting and binding.  
I plan to quilt it myself on my Bernina in a random leaf pattern. Maybe if I do it in different types of leaves it won't matter if they aren't all the same size???  Not sure. Will have to sketch something out.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Digging In

My studio is clean, organized and ready to go!  I was working indoustriously on the piano key border and I heard a rustle, rustle.  Ugh!  A mouse?
I moved everything out of the area and found nothing. It could have been a bag that was.settling after cleaning....
I set a trap just in case!

Dear hubby fixed the back door.
No more having to push the door in, lift up and hope the latch releases.  It also closes with such a wonderful "click".
Its the small things in life....

All sewn, pressed and ready to sew together.  Sure hope I cut enough and measured correctly!

I'm also working on the Raven quilt which is a block of the month at the Quilted Moose.  
It's my first BOM which is kitted!  I can't wait to see it finished.  I have a couple of ideas to add to the pattern.
Will have to see if they can be done.

Block 1.

Pattern pieces ready to go.

All pressed and ready to cut out.  This will keep me busy this weekend. If it doesn't there is always block 2 to work on.

If I finish those 2 blocks I can work on my Dr. Seuess wall hanging.....

Or I can do the next block on my Benjamin Biggs quilt.

Or I can quilt the sunbonnet sue quilt.  I know what patterns I want to use.  (Yikes! I'm afraid of screwing it up!)

What do you do with an award winning quilt?  Why you hang it over a chair!  I have to see if I can get dear hubby to help me hang it.  Or not.  I really should get it hung up.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The final bear paws to quilt.

The final mountains to quilt.

The final stitches.
A king sized quilt..
All hand quilted. 

Ready to sew miles and miles of binding.

Label done!  
I used an inkjet label maker.
They work great.
Rinse in water after printing and iron to set colors.

Looks great and it covers the line where the mattress and box spring meet.  
Mission accomplished.

a 6 year project done.
Now on to projects for me.....

Making borders for a quilt I made a couple of years ago at camp.

This is my design.
I will applique aspen leaves on the corner blocks.

Now to sew miles of border strips to make the piano keys.  
It would be boring but its not. 
Its not quilting bear paws.

One border made earlier this year. Three more to go.
And the corner stones.
Hope I get my measurements right the first time!

Home, home on the range

Back home again and doing stuff around the house. My moonflowers are blooming!
My bicycle yard art makes me smile when the tires are spinning.

Sigh.  The work progresses on the new housing development.

Good thing we can't see it from the back yard.

The fall flowers are looking good.

Dear hubby is slowly bit surely getting rid of those nasty mulberry trees. Why cant there be emerald muberry borers or mulberry beetles?

My collard greens like the cooler weather.

So do the raspberries!  
Still picking every 2 days.

Also working on Ryan's quilt.
Getting there.

I like watching the Great British Baking Show while I'm working on it. It inspires me to make something complicated for the next holiday.

Here are the state fair results!
My dad's quilt got 4th in the bed quilt category and 2nd in the patriotic category. The judge said I had nice piecing.  

The landscape quilt got 3rd in the landscape category.  
They didn't like the fuzzy edges either.  

While at the store I saw this lady. She looks just like my mom who passed away a few years ago.  I didnt talk to her or look at her face.  I didn't want to break the spell.

This is my mom.
This was taken during a trip to Ireland.

This is one of my favorite flowers. Lantana. 
It looks like a party doesn't it?

Another front headed our way.
Winter is coming.....

See the little hummingbird?
He guards all 3 feeders. 
Little pig.
He attacks all the other hummingbirds if they try to eat. I thought we should spread them out more.  Then see how well Mr. Piggy can guard them all.  Ha ha!