Thursday, August 4, 2016

County fair 2016

County fair time!
Dropped off my quilts on Tuesday and saw this on Wednesday.
I'm really glad Jackie's quilt is protected on the case. 

The big rosette ribbons are more fun than the smaller ribbons. 
We will have to show this to Jackie. 
It's too hot for her to come down and see it.  

The judges comments on this one were that my quilting isnt consistent. 
She is right. 

I really enjoy checking out the kid's artwork.  Seeing other people's creations inspires me. Seeing kid's creations gives me hope for the future.

(Jon Snow!!  Hee hee!  Love it.  I'm a big Snow fan too kiddo.  He is the true king)

This reminds me of junior high art class. Awesome subject matter.

Perspecive drawings!
Well done.
This is hard.
For me.

Then I wandered over to the chicken building.  I enjoy seeing all the different breeds. The rabbits are in there too. Don't care about them. 
I shoot rabbits.

I can see doing something with the image of this guy's head. 
So funky.
Funky chicken.

This looks like a chicken dove.

Such a clean pretty bird.
I want his tail feathers for a hat.

This is a chicken??
Wouldnt it be cool if it laid purple eggs with yellow spots?

This was a big beautiful bird. 
It looks like it could hurt you.

Fuzzy chicken.
Bad hair day.

Emu chicken.

It's like people.
The tall skinny friend hanging out with her much bigger friend.
I bet one wishes she has long legs and the other is jealous of the beautiful feathers. 

Ragbrai, riding and its too hot to work in the garden

On July 9th I did a breakfast ride with a friend.  It was a beautiful morning. 

We rode to the Leid Lodge which is absolutely beautiful.  Look at the log pillars. It is just down the street feom Arbor Lodge so the theme is nature and trees.

Mmmmmmm....Orchard Oatmeal. 
Their signature dish. Steel cut oatmeal made with apple cider instead of water and huge chunks of apples in it.  Tastes wonderful. A friend of mine who doesn't like oat meal likes this!

On the 16th I did another morning ride with a girlfriend.  Another beautiful morning which turned into a perfect day. Perfect temperature, humidity and winds. 

I decided I'd try an action shot of her climbing the hill up to the safari park. 

Then after fumbling with my phone, trying not to drop it, trying to push the stupid selfie icon which I couldn't see well because of the sun and wasn't sure if it was the selfie icon since I don't use it...... I manged to pull off a shot of me climbing the hill.
It would be more impressive if it was on a real hill, like in CO.
We managed to get 50 miles in.

The next morning I rode from my house and met up with the gals doing a ride from the Bike Rack.  They were all wonderful and it was fun riding with them. It made me realize how long it had been since I have ridden with a group!  I ended up with almost 50 miles when I got home. Then I showered and drove off to the bike store for the post ride meal. I exchanged contact info with some of the gals and am looking forward to riding with them again.

On the 22nd we saw THIS wandering on our deck, tipping over pots and nibbling on plants!  It looks like a little bear in this pic.  Its a groundhog/woodchuck. Just like Punksatawney Phil!  Only, this one wasn't cute and cuddly...and it was living under our deck digging burrows.  Along the foundation.
I set a trap with strawberries and a banana in it. 

It didnt go in the trap.  
It just tipped it over and laid on its side and licked the banana.  
I swear I could hear "num, num, num".

Then on the 25th after I put landscaping rocks all around and on top of the trap....success!
Look at those teeth!  Those claws!
It tried to bite me when I moved the trap.  And, it was heavy!  

On the 23rd I went with friends to Glenwood, IA to enjoy the festivities of the first day of Ragbrai.
The largest week long bicycle ride in the world and it takes place in our own back yard!

We toured every vendor and one of the sold adult sizes big wheels!  
Hard to steer but fun once you got them going. They even have clipless pedals!

Pne of the other vendors sold drones. 
Drones that follow you as you ride and videotape you. 

A visit to Ragbrai wouldnt be complete without checking out Pork Belly Ventures and their ever expanding business. 
I think they have 600 tents now. 
Lordy!  Putting them up and taking them down every day.  Whew!

For those who want to tour the state in air conditioned comfort they offer these semi condos. 
We toured one that sleeps 4 comfortably. It was nice spending time in the 65 degree room. 
(At least thats what it felt like compared to the awful heat and humidity outside)
Temps in the 90's and a dewpoint of 80.

The next morning we rode the first day of the route. A whole 49.something distance. 
It was my friend's first time on the ride so she had to get the "virgin" tattoo on her legs.  I used a washable marker. Not a sharpie.  It was cute, as the day went on her tattoo wore off.  It was totally gone when she finished. So appropriate. 

I imagine there were probably 25,000 people riding that first day.   We left late and got stuck in the masses. 

We found the milkweed booth and they were handing out milkweed balls to toss out along the route. 

I tossed mine in areas that wouldn't be sprayed by farmers, and not in people yards. I accidentally nailed a gal riding by me with the last one. 
I hope it didnt hurt!

Here is a guy making fresh pizza dough right there in the park!  

This is common in the towns.
A good idea.
It works for quite a few people at the same time and is a cool spot to stand in while you are filling your bottle. 

My most favorite stop of all on Ragbrai.  Tender Tom's Turkey Sandwich.  Hands down the best stop.

Perfect brand new roads, perfect temperatures, and a tailwind!  
I wish it was always like this. 

Now its back to working on Ryan's quilt.  Slow progress. 

After friends saw my weedy garden I went out and did some weeding. All this rain has really made everything overgrown. I wish the flowers, bushes, trees and grass were as healthy as the weeds!

I've decided I hate these plants. 
Too floppy.
They don't bring enough to the party to allow them to stay. 
I'm going to kill them all.
Clippers and roundup here I come.

I do like the smoked fennel.
Such a pretty color and delicate flowers. Its a perennial too!
Too bad the rabbits like it too.

Also weeded part of this side of the garden. Much better.
Need to cut back the grasses on the right. They are out of control.

Than God I put grass clippings on the raspberries. They are doing great. My rejuvinated beds have really helped. Too bad the freakin' japanese beetles like them too. I guess I'll have to spend more time knocking them off into a jar full of soapy water.

Out of control.
You have to go on an expedition in the jungle to pick them.

Our new bald cypress loves all the rain and is doing well.

So is this mulberry tree...

And this corn a squirrel planted....

We have peaches!
First peaches on our new peach trees.  7 peaches. 
Not sure what kind. The tag only said "peach".

Im sure the japanese beetles will find these too.