Sunday, October 9, 2016

Des Moines quilt show 2016

We checked out the Des Moines guild show first. This was such a beautiful quilt.  Inspiring.  Loved the background fabric.

Oh dear.
Poor Maggie.
I did like the lace used for the blouse and the necklace.

I have a weakness for fall quilts.
Especially ones with wool and embroidered details.

Such a cute quilt. 
The animals are adorable.

Isn't this cute quilting?

I have this pattern. Can't wait to make it.

I have this one too.
I want to make it larger and open up the blocks more. 
Beautiful but a little too crowded for me.

I'd really like to know how this border is made.

This was so beautiful. 
Fantastic thread painting.

See the card below describing this.  Amazing thread painting.

Great movement in this quilt.

I never would have thought to use a space photo to make a quilt.

Oh dear.

Nice embroidery portriats.

I love how the border is quilted to look like a picture frame.

Here are my favorites from the lion king display.

A thread painted photo?

This was painted then quilted.

Best hand quilting.
Amazing. Beautiful embroidery embellishments. 

Beautiful but not my favorite.

Great use of color transition.
With 3-d effects.

A different take on the wedding ring quilt.

Curious on how this was done.
I think she has an embroidery machine, did decorative stitches, cut out the design and sewed the applique onto the quilt.  At least thats how I'd do it.

Fun colors and design.

This makes me think of Audrey Hepburn.

Bright quilt, fun design.

This pic doesn't do this justice.
Beautiful design and colors.

Ugh! So many small pieces!
I will never make one like this.

Great kaleidoscope quilt.

I am really learning to appreciate modern quilts. 
I really liked this one. 
Simple but effective.

Beautiful appliqued fruit.

I think this was my favorite.
Subtle colors but so effective.

This one inspired me.

Wow.  Great color pop.

This one was so well done.
Such a fun quilt.

This is another favorite.
The swag border makes it.

All I managed to do this week was get the stems glued down on block 2 of the raven quilt.